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IT sounds like every man's worst nightmare - your penis can shrink. While every fella will claim they're getting bigger, the cold hard facts are difficult to swallow. On average an erect penis measures about 5. But no matter where your member sits on the scale, there are a few factors that can cause him to drop a few sizes. But it's not just your old fellow that shrinks, your testicles are also likely to get slightly smaller.

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Juliette, a year-old from London, never liked the look of her "long labia. Arriving early for each class, she would stand at the back of the room and soon became obsessed with staring at the smooth crotches of her fellow yogis. Fixated on her perceived problem, Juliette decided to do something about it—and in July of last year, settled on a labiaplasty, a procedure that involved having the skin she was self-conscious about removed entirely. In having part of her labia amputated, Juliette joined a growing number of women who have had cosmetic surgery on their genitals; either labiaplasties, procedures designed to alter the size or shape of the inner labia, or vaginoplasties sometimes referred to as "vaginal rejuvenations," not to be confused with the catch-all term for genital cosmetic surgery, "female rejuvenation," which are operations aimed at strengthening and tightening the vagina area—a vaginal "face-lift," if you like. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a total of 12, labiaplasties were performed globally in

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Destination Colombia, a virtual guide to Colombia, a country in northwestern South America with a coastline on both, the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The population is concentrated in the Andean highlands and along the Caribbean coast. Official language is Spanish, there are 68 ethnic languages and dialects still in use. El club,…. Una nueva alternativa, con exclusivos ambientes a la altura de los mejores clubs del mundo, con espacios hermosos y adecuados para que te relajes y dejes fluir tus emociones.

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Alltel's Voicemail Max service lets you leave a celebrity greeting on your voicemail. If you're so addicted to America's celebrity culture that you'd love to have a famous voice answer your cell phone, then Alltel has an answer of sorts for you. Today the carrier announced its new Voicemail Max program, which will enable customers to personalize their outgoing voice-mail greetings with the voices of actors, comedians, celebrity impersonators, and musical artists. Alltel says it has a selection of audio clips in such categories as hip-hop, rock stars, sports, business, holiday, and cartoons. Also, Voicemail Max is available only on select Alltel cell phones.

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I'm getting tired", as he made love to herHowever, Rodman claims he wasn't offended by Carmen's racist bedroom comments, adding: "My marriage was the happiest eight days of my life" Carmen is furious with her ex-husband's allegations and has rubbished the claims, telling America's New York Daily News newspaper: "I am saddened that Dennis felt he had to write a book like this "I think he has me confused with some of the girls he cheated on me with". Toggle navigation. Carmen Electra's sexual expletives.