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Kyeong-hui was the first person forbidden to me. No one called her or mentioned her name. No one even looked at her. If we happened to cross paths, my family acted as if she were invisible, though she rarely emerged from her small room. Naturally Kyeong-hui never joined us at the table, not for a single meal.

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Hui can be reached at angela. An elderly couple from Karachi holds hands for the first time in broad daylight when crossing the road together in Atlanta. Pudhumaippittan Image courtesy of salasalappu. Like this: Like Loading Satisfied, he would load a sheet of paper Latest asian short stories turn the carriage knob. Skip to content Rukmini wills herself to stay lying on the sofa.

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But this pan-Asian anthology brings together writers from across the continent.

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Skip to content Rukmini wills herself to stay lying on the sofa. Om, Om Shanti, she chants. The ghosts dance, screaming in a frenzy, wild shapes [ Ever since the email went out at the end of November, food was all anyone could talk about. You can come by eleven. She rarely drinks tea nowadays, preferring the bitter hit of an espresso each [ Never in a sari. Even in those unflattering clothes, her black eyes and quiet grace shone through.

Everyone knew it was true. Something about the [ Amma was ritualistically watering her plants, which included fighting with pigeons and making small talk with squirrels. The rodent droppings never bothered her [ Seductively, she whispers a familiar melody into his ear, her physical presence enclosing him in a cocoon of warmth and security.

He tilts [ To smoke a beedi and regale in its burning ingredients to perfection is not easy. One ought to puff at it between every [ Posts navigation 1 2 3 Next.

She kiss me and I pull back. They shared the humor of two sensitive individuals who were pleasantly surprised that they had found each other. Her elegant prose is a revelation. Hi, it was a journey from Chennai to Tirunelveli in a. Catherine Brennan visits!!

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories

Latest asian short stories. Upload successful

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Short Stories – The Asian Writer

Short stories are meant to be read as just that — a solitary, self-contained story. Something one can pick up without much commitment, a quick rendezvous in the backseat of a cab, a snack between meals. Each story has its own adventure, but when read in its entirety they creates a symphony of diverse voices that harmonize on common themes such as identity, migration, family, and race, themes that resonated deeply with my own blended Asian background.

The book features stories that struggle with understanding oneself as an Asian — what this means for certain values, lifestyles, and worldviews as well as the compromises some characters must take to fit it in. In this story, the main character wakes up to find that her mocha-toned skin has transformed into a peaches-n-cream complexion. After the initial panic and awkwardness wear off, she begins to ask some fundamental questions about the relationship between skin tone and privilege.

Is it our colour that affords us opportunities? The questions raised are enough to make anyone uncomfortable: if I had the chance to change my complexion, accepting the privilege, beauty, and ease that it brings to life, would I take it? As an Asian who has often been singled out for my light complexion, this story made me particularly uncomfortable in the way only a skillfully thought-provoking piece can.

My color affords me privileges that I am embarrassed to acknowledge, but am afraid to give away. I loved that this story got right to the heart of a very sensitive subject without guiding me through elaborate metaphors and hidden messages. Sometimes a bare bones approach is all you need to break down walls. Marriage, power, and the female voice feature again and again in these stories. Like lemon sprinkled throughout a dish, the sharp taste of casual misogyny is both familiar and surprising in its audacity.

Though the messages are sometimes difficult to swallow, we are reminded of the power of storytelling and the importance of bringing all voices to the table. An important theme among this collection centers around nationalism and land-based identity. Asian countries have seen borders broken and erected, lands erased from the map by politics or by modern thinking, families uprooted and displaced, and a new generation that is left to grapple with the aftermath of it all.

This is poignantly illustrated in the story Independence Day when Padma walks over to a map of India to explain the difference between Punjab and her hometown of Sindh only to find that Sindh no longer exists on the map.

The pause I took before continuing to read was profound. Less whimsical but equally powerful are stories such as Independence Day, Chit Mahal, and which capture the ugly byproducts of nationalism and border wars.

These stories brought an invaluable human voice to the maps I studied in history class. Samar captures the fear, anxiety, heartbreak, and inhumanity of being a refugee and sneaking across borders. Like many an Asian meal, this collection of stories achieves an enticing blend of the sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. Stories about love, family, ageing and change are peppered throughout the collection, nestled within the nooks and crannies of its larger themes. Zahra Somani hails from the city of gusty winds, deep dish pizza, and Michael Jordan.

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Latest asian short stories