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If anybody is reading this then that is a wink for someone to write a romance of that couple. I hope you all enjoy and read and review so that it adds fuel to my writing flame. Standard disclaimer stands: I do not own Inuyasha or the characters, only this story and any new characters I may decide to bring in. Enjoy — An encounter in the woods. Kagome walked with a skip to her step, feeling far too happy really.

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Who does she kagom in an unexpected place? She sat up slightly, temporarily pausing his actions. Where Life May Lead by BoxingBunny reviews While Inutaisho kagome fan fiction her life back on track after one night's lapse in judgement, Kagome meets someone who fills in the last empty Ying yawg twins of her heart. Ephemeral-Night 4. Swept Away by singingrain reviews Kagome is constantly swept away by the different things in her life.

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Close Working How are their destinies entwined? Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Fatal Faults by jena-tomas reviews Inuyasha Inutaisho kagome fan fiction and kills Kagome after a fight in which she claims the Tetsuiga, afterwards she meets someone she never thought she would Inutaisho kagome fan fiction. She cupped his cheek fiftion her small hand and kissed him. He groaned, watching as it coated the small of her back that he held over him. He thrust into her faster making her sweat. He rocked his hips against her, rubbing the thick length against her. She moaned at this and thrust into him herself. She closed her legs in embarrassment. When she got his haori off him she un-tucked his inner shirt and pulled it off.

Story Story Writer Forum Community.

  • Well, as I was working on the chapters of my other stories I thought I'd do another side story.
  • Story Story Writer Forum Community.
  • Story Story Writer Forum Community.
  • Authors note: Ok so I was asked to post the lemon for this story.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kagome Lady of Darkness hide bio. Here is a Kagome and Kurama site! If I find them tolerable, I will tolerate them. Should I find them bothersome, I will break them. I was born free, I have lived my life free, and I will remain free until the day I die. I love you all my Duckies! Light of The Sea by Desna reviews Lucy faces the prospect of remaking herself. The guild is gone, her friends have left her, she goes with Bickslow and the Raijinshuu to Bosco to make a new life and hopefully heal her broken heart.

Along the way, she will find new magics and the possibility of a love that could last forever. My beloved, my mate, my only by LadyoftheHouseofMoon reviews Why was Kagome falling from the sky when she was supposed to be going thru the well? Is it fate? She'd found her meaning through the force of duty. Now they're both inextricably tied together with a single goal in mind: The return home.

Beneath the Moonlight by Limitless Musings reviews He never wanted to feel anything, yet there she was. Piercing through him with a single glance. Poison Fairy by GemNika reviews Released from prison in part for his assistance during the Eclipse Gate, Cobra is forced to join a guild to keep him in line; specifically Fairy Tail.

While it's not entirely ideal to work with the ones he's tried to kill two separate times, the blonde Celestial mage on Team Natsu thoroughly intrigues him.

Maybe Fairies aren't so bad after all. Acceptance by BlasphemousOrder reviews Lucy finally makes a decision to move forward, finds Aquarius and maybe a little love finally? Replaced by InnocentPanda reviews Lisanna's back and Lucy feels left out. Natsu wants Lisanna back on his team, What about Lucy? That alone was nothing short of impressive. After all, not many were able to put up with the Daiyoukai on a daily basis.

Demanding all of her, he was rewarded with her disappearance. While there she meets the rest of Bix's family and with her strong feelings against choices being taken away she confronts the Spirit King yet again to change rules but will the price be too high for her to pay? When he goes to Totosai to demand a sword to be forged, he meets an unexpected assistant that will have a role in forging his sword. Now, he is forced to win her favor in order for his sword to be fabricated for the impending war.

See how she delves deeper into that knowledge, as her present and their past collide to reveal the true power of Kagome and her connection to the Son of the Moon. Can she ever trust her heart in the hands of another? An odd relationship with an uncouth youkai grows into something else, but will he betray her? The guild has been celebrating Lisanna's return for a week with no sign of stopping and Natsu seems permanently attached to the returned Strauss.

What does this mean for Team Natsu? And what does Lucy's past have to do with it? Eloquent Silence by Dragon'sHost reviews When Lucy uncovers a secret that Cobra keeps hidden from nearly everyone, it changes her relationship with him entirely. And not for the better. Now bearing the newfound knowledge of her discovery, and that she's hurt him deeply, she's got to find a new way to communicate to him that she's sorry. Before he cuts her out of his life entirely. CoLu Week Day 1: Language.

After his last nanny quit on him he desperately searched for a new one until inuyasha, his younger hanyou brother, told him that he had the perfect person. But when she is replaced by Lisanna on the team, Lucy's heart get's broken. Add in a confusing one nightstand with Natsu and a dark guild after her and her unborn child's magic, and you have a recipe for a drama. What will happen to Lucy?

Rated M. Some lemon. Watashi no Tenshi o Namidashimasu by Sesshysgirl reviews Being rewritten and updated-slowly-as of July For an unknown reason Kagome is thrown deeper into the past. Into the time of the Inu no Taisho. What will she do when she starts falling for him.. I mean he's the father of the two brothers nearest and dearest to her heart. Isn't that just wrong! Thanks to a fall into the canal and a gash on his head Bickslow tries to drown his sorrows in…apple juice?

He feels like he made an idiot of himself but perhaps his blunder gave someone the courage to take the first step. But what are they stepping towards? Dirty Thoughts by Nicole reviews "I wanted to turn away, I really did. But I simply couldn't. It was like a magnetic force was guiding my eyes, making me openly gawk at the completely naked figure of Laxus standing there. Sunrise, Let The Rays Light Up Your Soul by trinity reviews As Natsu is haunted by nightmares of losing Lisanna again, Lucy fights the emotional turmoil of losing her best friend who she believes was never hers to own.

A terrifying accident occurs as Team Natsu and Lisanna are on a mission. What will happen as Lucy's heart stops? Is it the end? And what does Carla's vision mean? What does Mavis know? Do fairies have tails? You'll enjoy it. They don't believe that Kagome should have remained in the modern era, attending college and working at a museum which was owned by Sesshoumaru himself. While there she meets some odd characters who slowly teach her what it feels like to be alive, and without even realizing it her cold heart starts to melt.

Unexpected by forthright reviews AU. Kagome is the principal of an elementary school. Inuyasha is a janitor. A story told in bits and pieces. Where Life May Lead by BoxingBunny reviews While getting her life back on track after one night's lapse in judgement, Kagome meets someone who fills in the last empty space of her heart.

But when the face of a bad decision comes back into her life, what path will she choose to take? The Red Card by Sesshy's Princess Kagome reviews Kagome is a not so rich girl attending a prestigious private high school. Until Death by Sesshy's Rose reviews Kagome, terminally ill, leaves her family clueless in the future turning to the past, and Inuyasha, for comfort only to find he's in the arms of his chosen woman.

Alone and near death, Sesshoumaru finds her in the forest She is one of the few humans that know demons exsist. And she keeps running into this one annoying golden eyed demon. Like Father, Like son by Saphireanime reviews Kagome had heard you should not mess with fate and change the future- but fate had no problem messing with her.

She saw a demon lord about to die along with infant Inuyasha and Izayoi and she had the power to help FunSized by AslanofTexas reviews Sesshoumaru seems to be in a bit of a fix. What will Kagome do when he decides to be her personal flea? Kaigan by Your Rude Awakening reviews I am discontinuing this fan fiction, but Naikoru Hiatto - id: - will become the new owner of Kaigan. The revised version of the Inu-Yasha crossover with Naruto is already posted so please show some support and go check it out!

Thank you! Gone to the Dogs by Tally Mark reviews Kagome needs help, and there's only one dog who can do it. In which Kagome learns a thing or two about dogs and Sesshoumaru learns a thing or two about fun. Kagome has tried hard to for fill her mothers dying wish. Everything changes when she's working for the riches man of all Japan. Sessomaru and Kagome all way. Will sparks fly? But from a distant shinobi nation comes a girl that calls herself Higurashi Kagome. She befriends Naruto, but Naruto's sensei suspects that she is hiding something.

Dream Keeper by Pflow reviews Kagome was the love of his life, but after a fatal accident, goes into a coma. As time moved on, he had to keep living. Will he walk down the aisle? Gaara doesn't understand why he puts so much effort into it, but he is curious.

The Sohmas visit Sunset Shrine. What if the curse isn't what the Sohmas think it is!

Then he began to snarl. Plain Normality by SnowShadowuser reviews All Kagome wanted was to be the sneakiest, devilish little paparazzo there ever was. He woke again, slowly opening his eyes and a grin plastered on his face. He moaned into her mouth and released there lip lock. She smiled and began to rub his chest.

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction.


The Lord of the West Chapter 1: An encounter in the woods, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: rockiegrl - Stories: 42 - Followers: 14 - id: Kagome was actually tempted to give a slow, dramatic clap for originality, but since saving said Inutaisho gave her a laundry list of problems, she just tries to stay alive. Easier said than done when she's being so constantly distracted. By him. Fangs of the Father by Umei no Mai reviews Kagome had been attuned to youkai blades from the very beginning.

That the blades formed from the Dog General's fangs took a fancy to her was likely a product of the deceased Inutaisho's unusual fondness for human females: What a daiyoukai wants, he gets.

Memories of a Life Once Lived by I Miss Birdie reviews Kagome meets her collage professor and she finds out that a class assignment was a set up just to get her over to his house. It turns out that in a past life they were married, but what happens when Kagome doesn't want that life?

A Promise Made by onetinykiss reviews They met by chance and made a promise that would change their lives forever. Haunting by Wargh reviews I wrote this when I had been banned off the internet and had writer's block Is there anything she can do to help?

They kissed in the rain. They loved each other in the rain. I Wish by Lady Luv of the East reviews A demon with the powers of the Shikon jewel is said to live in edo, and 1 day kagome and Jaimie saved her. Now their in the past where Inu no Taisho lives.

Its said that every wish you lose something in return, funny thing is Kagome's Hapiness by Avril inuyoukai reviews She had a fight with Inuyasha like always She wakes up in a different place, and meets someone familiar with death that may help her cope with the pain of loss To Help the Selfless Girl by Miss Hiss reviews Kagome leaves the last battle unnoticed by all except for a spirit that has been watching her.

Revision done! Jizen Kaerizaku by EmpyrealFantasy reviews [InuPapaKag] Trapped in the past after a wish on the jewel to make her friends happy, Kagome befriends a spirit, not knowing his identity. What if said spirit only needed a reason to live?

What was meant to be by goddess on earth reviews Kagome is killed in the final battle against Naraku, but does fate have something else in store for her? She is revived and sent several hundred years farther back in time, to complete the rest of what ever destiny has planned for her.

But I Like My Guards by firefox reviews Inutaisho sits at his castle desk all day dreaming of the outside. Kagome runs around outside dreaming of the castle. What happens when Inutaisho meets Kagome and doesn't want to go home? New places, new people Hopefully the new people don't try to kill her right on the spot InutaishoKagome pairing. Second Chance by j. Rating upped on June Dona Nobis Pacem by Jibril-Kadamon reviews Naraku has become a full demon and Kagome has been kicked out of the group because of Kikyo.

What will Kagome do when Naraku imprisons her. Will her cellpartner be able to help her. Terms of Service.

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction

Inutaisho kagome fan fiction