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Arizona is a state in the United States of America. It is considered part of the Southwestern United States and is bordered by New Mexico to the east, Utah to the north, Nevada to the northwest, California to the west, its northeast corner touches part of Colorado, this area is known as the Four Corners. To the south of Arizona is the country Mexico with which it shares a border of miles km. The state is called the "Grand Canyon State" and the "Copper State" as it is the home of the Grand Canyon and has produced large amounts of copper from its mineral deposits. Arizona became a state on February 14, and became the 48th state accepted into the United States.

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Many people claim that cheerleading is not a sport. The reasons for this are varied, but essentially, cheerleaders have not traditionally competed this of course is changing and changing rapidly at that , and many people don't consider doing routines a "sport" in the same way that football or basketball is a sport. So is cheerleading a sport? Or is it merely a past time? There are many arguments made regarding whether or not cheerleading is a sport.

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Sign in. PG 84 min Horror, Thriller. A social worker, still reeling from the loss of her architect husband, investigates the eccentric, psychedelic Wadsworth Family, consisting of a mother, two daughters, and an adult son with the apparent mental capacity of an infant. Votes: 2, Three family members break into a remote country house to recover secret documents, but discover a cult of wealthy adults dressed as babies inside with sexy "nurses" as their caretakers.