Getting your friend to wear diapers-How do you tell a friend that you wear diapers - Answers

When you say what would you do? What is it that you want to do? Are you curious if you had a fetish? Would you be okay if he did? Are you guys friendly enough that you can talk about sexual stuff openly If he wears for a need, you asking him about wearing diapers would be similar to him seeing you wearing a maxi pad and him asking you about it.

Getting your friend to wear diapers

Getting your friend to wear diapers

Be direct. Trans want all pads to be made gender neutral for them? Okay Getting your friend to wear diapers, invite them over for a sleepover, and hour act as you normally do, have fun. Your doctor can help you figure out if there's something causing your bedwetting. Also when he crunched down n stuff. There is a lot of shame around incontinence, I think that's partly how many of us were potty trained. Are you a baby? Read the rest of this guide.

Forced to be an adult baby. Helpful Girl

I had honestly started going mad. My Contest peep lit up and I asked her if she would like a small dram. My concern isn't about me being diapees, but rather ylur. My friend thought about that for a moment and said, you mean that the girls touched each other and you and Paul; and I simply said yes. Gently Nichole, who now was Nanny in my head rolled me onto my back. He and I always took time out to hike through the woods, climb a few hills and at night, have a few beers next to the wood shove and play a few hands of cards or cribbage. Go To Topic Listing. I tried to drink the bottle and hold back on the mess. One afternoon, he and I talked about our high school days, people we knew in common, teachers and stories tk things we did or about other people. They let me know how they felt about the matter, so now when I need to poop, I simply walk away from frienf and find a nice spot to do my business. I also believe that this could be a sort of bond that you and your mother could have, if you think about it. Display as a link instead. I laid in bed with Rachel's head lying on my chest I emotionally said "thank you. If not you need Getting your friend to wear diapers tell an adult. I used to wear Beverly hills in massage tantra for being cute, and a pack of 10 could last me through a whole 2 weeks, but with my recent situation, I had to go diaperx and actually use them as intended.

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Just be honest. Be sure that this is a close friend you can trust, not just anybody. There are different ways to tell for the reason you wear them:. Let's say you wet the bed, eh?

Okay then, invite them over for a sleepover, and just act as you normally do, have fun. Later, like when you get ready to sleep, tell your friend you have a secret, but you're afraid to tell them Just guessing you are xP If they go ahead and say they won't tell anyone, or judge you Well then tell em! Now if you wear diapers for fun, or sexual reasons, you could lie and say the above. Or you could just be honest and tell your friend it's something you like to do.

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Asked in Diapers. How do you tell a friend that you wear diapers? There are different ways to tell for the reason you wear them: Let's say you wet the bed, eh? You: "I-Well, I. So I wear diapers at night. Answer She deserves honesty. Asked in Diapers Kids wearing diapers at a friends home because theirfriend has to wear diapers?

If your friend is in a diaper why not, what does it hurt and you might like it. Diapers also feel good and if you got to piss just go in them. I think it not right unless it was their choice.

Asked in Diapers If you're at a physical and wear adult diapers? Tell your doctor they will understand. Asked in Diapers How can you get someone to put a 25 year old back into diapers? Well just tell him he needs to wear diapers again. Asked in Diapers How does a teenager get their parents to let them wear diapers? Asked in Diapers How do you tell your girlfriend you have to and or like to wear diapers? You should just tell her if she really loves you she would understand.

Asked in Diapers When to wear diapers? Babies and young toddlers generally wear diapers. Asked in Parenting and Children How does a teenager tell their parents they like diapers and want to wear them without being rejected? Asked in Bed Wetting Im 13 and iwant to wear diapers what should i do im also starting to pee the bed? Tell her, "Mom, I want to wear diapers again. Do not ask me why or be concerned, but I do. Please let me" or something similar to that. If you are too afraid, buy your own.

But telling your mom is easier! She can change your diapers faster! Asked in Diapers Is it ok to wear diapers as an adult for fun? If you want to wear diapers, it's up to you. Asked in Diapers Do lots of girls wear diapers? No, Asked in Diapers What kind of diapers does a baby wear in ?

Probably not, but unless you tell them very few will know. Asked in Diapers Can 12 year olds wear diapers? Yes, 12 year olds can wear diapers. Asked in Human Behavior, Diapers Is it ok if teens wear diapers? It is perfectly fine fo teens to wear diapers. They have reached an age of independence if they want to wear diapers let them.

But let them change themselves Asked in Video Games In petz nursery how do you change their diapers? Dakota Fanning is 14 years old, and yes she does wear diapers.

Asked in Parenting and Children, Babies, Diapers Can teenagers wear diapers if they don't have a medical problem? It is not normal for teenagers to wear diapers if they don't have a medical issue. Pregnancy and childbirth are significant factors in bladder weakness which may lead to the need to wear diapers. Asked in Diapers Can you still wear diapers? Babies wear diapers of course. Some kids including tweens and teens use a sort of diaper when sleeping because of a bladder problem and also elderly people wear diapers.

Asked in The Sims 3 Can you make your teen sims in sims 3 wear diapers? Yes, there is a mod that allows all ages to wear diapers. Asked in Diapers Is it ok for adults to love to wear diapers? You are an adult. You don't need anyone's permission to wear diapers, if that's what you want to do!

Asked in Diapers Can teens wear baby diapers? Only if they are very tiny. Diapers are small. Asked in Diapers Why do you have to wear diapers at night time? If I didnt wear diapers to bed, I'd ruin my mattress. Diapers keep me dry all night long. Trending Questions.

She'll handle my diapers and comment on the softness, "Ooh, I bet you love this one. I've recently got my girlfriend to wear diapers for me. Diapers are put on differently when lying down than standing up. Nanny suddenly reappeared with a fresh bottle of formula. I was so humiliated. When i was like 17 I think, I had a pack of huggies diapers!

Getting your friend to wear diapers

Getting your friend to wear diapers

Getting your friend to wear diapers. Blog Archive

It's so crinkly! Maybe I just embarrass easy, or I'm not used to her knowing yet, but I getcha I would like to think my GF would be accepting, but part of me has my doubts. It is nice though to hear that an SO can be accepting and at such a level.

My wife is very accepting, and even reads me "little" stories for bedtime. I'm also glad that she protects my privacy. If we are having a repairman coming to the house, she'll ask me if "things" are put away. I'm usually pretty careful. Calico Est. She isn't embarrassed about having a husband wearing them. But she should still respect you. If you don't want anyone knowing, she shouldn't tell anyone about it.

Even if she thinks it's obvious you have one on, she should still keep quiet about it and not make a big deal about it. Lot of people won't say anything about it, especially her friends. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover, Incontinent. It's nice to hear that your wife is accepting, but it would have been even nicer if she'd asked your permission before showing her friend the spare room. Messages 1, Role Adult Baby, Little.

Warsaw39 Banned. While it's cool she's so accepting and everything, there's one glaring thing that bothers me about this, and that is how she seems to not respect your privacy. She shouldn't go around telling her friends and everyone she meets that you wear diapers, especially without you knowing. Wearing diapers, no matter how much we like it, we must still admit is a bit weird. We're not talking about an appreciation for classical music, or a liking of turtleneck sweaters. If she tells the wrong person, it could mean trouble for her, you, or both.

Doesn't it concern you at all? Last edited: Feb 22, I'd have to agree. It's different to imagine others knowing, and is some fantastic situation, that everyone would participate and it would be great. But, sorry to say. In real life, there are many closed minded people. So a quick reference about the interest to someone who is not a free thinker could definitely be troublesome.

Nadia Est. That's so cool, I have also successfully told people, but I do not reccommend it for the circumstances are high, but I am for acceptance so thats pretty good, but it is always nice when your significant other accepts you, makes it better for a better life, I think.

Jsaur Est. I don't think i'd be comfortable with my other half sharing that kind of information with people we know. That would be my call and - if she did go against that - i would definitely have words. That's just me though I appreciate everyone's concerns. To clear some things up, she has only confided in two of her friends that she knew I trusted.

My concern isn't about me being embarrassed, but rather her. If she doesn't care about them knowing, then I don't care. And just to reiterate, she really is a wonderful and kind person and we have one of the best relationships of anyone I know.

RadioactiveSquirrel Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover, Sissy. Your wife sounds like a really accepting person, but if she knew you kept your diapers in the spare bedroom, then shouldn't she have asked you before letting her friends in?

Coops Est. If you're fine with others knowing I guess that is alright. For me I can only hope my ex of 6 years never told anyone, she hopefully had the respect to understand it was something private I chose to share with her because we were together. Always accepting, and would let me wear around her and everything but I truly prefer to be private about my diapers.

Spot on. The very worst that can happy is that she is happier. The very best that can happen is that she is happier AND you get some of your wants met as well. It's one of those rare scenarios where you cant lose.

Everyone above that gave advice to you knows whats up! They have great advice, just make sure she knows its her over diapers! You have a fantastic thing going here and if you push it, you're going to lose it, and possibly her altogether. You don't find a lot of girls willing to wear, never mind wear during sex, nevermind wear during sex AND pee in them. You need to take what you have an be happy for it. Take good care of her, she clearly accepts you for who you are, and as long as you are good to her, she'll keep wearing for you.

So go slow I would say and like what other people say don't just make it about you show care and affection that she is doing this and that it means a lot to you. But other wise everyone basically said it all so good luck mate! At least you can get your gf Into diapers, mine hates the idea of them and then just calls me weird :. Early on in our relationship I made it a point to make sure my girlfriend was ok with my diaper wearing.

Luckily she was ok with them and we're happily married now. I totally agree with the above advise. I consider myself extremely lucky, my wife will happily wear and wet for my enjoyment, she doesn't get madly turned on by wearing but says she enjoys the warmth and bulk between her legs. Good luck and go slow, don't push your fetishes on other people and a speed you like, it has to grow at their rate.

Now that you've opened up to her about your interest in diapers, has she confessed to any previously secret desires? This is a great opportunity for the two of you to get closer.

Bringing this back now. I think you should start with a talk, and explain to her what an important part of your sex life diapers are. Don't pressure her, but have a frank discussion, tell her your desires and encourage her to be completely honest about her thoughts and how much she's comfortable with. If she's willing to wear diapers every time you have had sex for the last three weeks, she's willing to try wetting at least once.

Will be a matter of time. Early in our marriage I brought up diapers for her and she immediately pushed back twice already. Hope to bring up the topic again, bur I doubt she will give in. Props to you for talking your gf into it. Diaper sex would be so hot i imagine. Sent from my SM-T using Tapatalk. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Diaper Lovers Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Posted December 21, Share this post Link to post. Wow, yeah, I agree with what everyone's said. You guys give great advice! Posted December 22, Posted October 12, Posted October 19, Consider yourself very lucky, my girlfriend hated the idea as a whole.

Posted October 22,

How to Approach Your Parents About Wearing Diapers for Bedwetting

When you say what would you do? What is it that you want to do? Are you curious if you had a fetish? Would you be okay if he did? Are you guys friendly enough that you can talk about sexual stuff openly If he wears for a need, you asking him about wearing diapers would be similar to him seeing you wearing a maxi pad and him asking you about it. That might be awkward, unless like I said you guys speak openly about those kind of things. Whether it's for a fetish or not, it does have a taboo aspect to it.

There is a lot of shame around incontinence, I think that's partly how many of us were potty trained. Of course, if it's a fetish, people often feel shamed of it or fear rejection. I personally might depending on your relationship with him but I don't know. If you do ask him just try to sound as nice as you can and just tell him you are curious. He might be really embarrassed about it.

Are you wearing diapers? Me too. I poop and i pee my pampers every morning and evening. I'm quite a curious person so if ask politely. It could be he's had a random operation on something? Or it might not be a diaper but rather some form of support or protection or something, either way if ask because I'd be to curious not to.

You are good friends? Then be blunt with him and say, "Hey, it's cool with me if you wear diapers but you should conceal it a little better around other people if you are insecure about it. Maybe he is incontinent and doesn't want anyone to know, thus the diapers. I don't think I would ask him anything about them. I would just forget about it, he's not hurting anyone or himself. I wouldn't ask.

What if he gets scared that you'll tell people and he kills you? I have a hard time taking this seriously really, but no I wouldn't ask about it.

He is my friend. We know each other relatively for a long time. I'm quite sure that I saw it right. Also when he crunched down n stuff.

Note that he is not old, only I was just so surprised, but didn't dare to ask him about it. Would you mention it to him if such thing happened to you? I'm just wondering what could have happened to him. Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. I saw my friend wearing diapers? Add Opinion. Have An Opinion? Join the discussion.

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Getting your friend to wear diapers