Torn virgin-What is the hymen and is it an indicator of virginity?

The hymen is the stuff of legend and lore in many cultures, the treasured prize a woman gives her husband on their wedding night. People often do not know what it looks like or what really happens to it when virginity is lost. For example, some of my teen patients have questions about a partner male or female inserting a finger into a vagina. If a girl uses a tampon does that cause her to lose her virginity? If she falls off her bike, might that affect her hymen, and thus her virginity?

Torn virgin

Torn virgin

Torn virgin

Torn virgin

Torn virgin

My boyfriend and I have had sex two times and my hymen has not torn. ATimes Of Vigrin. Another form of virginity testing involves testing for laxity of vaginal muscles with fingers the "two-finger test". There are viegin issues that each woman must answer for herself. Hi my girlfriend bled Torn virgin time we had sex. Breasts midriff even though foreplay and a state of arousal can help the vagina and penis self-lubricate, people may still need to add lubricant to prevent uncomfortable friction. Avoid activities that could cause the wound Torn virgin open again until it has healed.

Sore teeth vitamin deficiency. The hymenoplasty procedure explained

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Losing your virginity is a unique experience.

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The concept of female "virginity" has a complicated history, and has often been incorrectly linked to breaking the hymen. Bleeding after intercourse was thought to be proof of an unbroken hymen, and thus, proof that a woman had not had sex before. The reality, however, is that the state of your hymen has nothing to do with sexual activity. As for how to know if your hymen is broken, it's near impossible to see it for yourself.

But let's back up and talk about what the hymen actually is. The hymen is a small, ragged membrane just inside the opening to the vagina review our vagina anatomy lesson here. All hymens are not created equal. So many things other than intercourse can wear the hymen away, including horseback riding, biking, gymnastics, using tampons, fingering, and masturbation, which basically leads to "breaking" the hymen without ever having sex.

Some women are even born without hymens. Some people experience a few drops of blood the first time they have penetrative vaginal sex, but it doesn't happen to everyone because of the above-mentioned reasons. According to Eisler, the hymen doesn't have a huge blood supply, so even if it is intact, you may not bleed much or at all.

So now that we've dispelled the myth that a broken hymen always bleeds during first-time sex , let's discuss other facts about the hymen and sexual activity. If you try to look for yours, it may be difficult to pinpoint. If you do want to go exploring, though, it's located about about centimeters inside your vaginal opening. But — get ready for it — the hymen also has an opening in it, so that menstrual blood and other secretions can get out.

Generally, that opening is crescent shaped, but it varies from woman to woman. Some have very small openings, and some even have multiple openings in the hymen. According to Eisler, virginity is a social construct, not a medical condition. It should also be said that having sex doesn't change anything about you; it doesn't add or take away value, just as not having sex doesn't. There are some obvious problems with this definition.

We would argue that the best way to find out if someone has not yet had sex if they really care to know is simply to ask — and it's entirely up to you whether or not you want to discuss it at all! There are some major problems with the concept of "losing your virginity. If you lose your phone, is that a conscious decision? We need to change how we talk about the first time a person has sex. In too much of the world, women are still controlled in this way.

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Torn virgin

Torn virgin

Torn virgin

Torn virgin



What happens when you lose your virginity? Facts and myths

When your lover penetrate [sic], it will ooze out a liquid that look [sic] like blood not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable.

For this we turn to Carol Roye, a nursing professor at Hunter College and a nurse practitioner who specializes in adolescent primary and reproductive health care. Some girls are born without a hymen, others have only a scanty fringe of tissue.

Roye also deals with parents who ask her to determine if their daughters are virgins. It is not so easy to tell whether a girl is a virgin, because hymens are so varied. If there is not much of a hymen I have no way of knowing what happened to it. Was it a boyfriend or a bicycle?

Or, perhaps, this girl did not have much tissue there to begin with. It certainly is for men, who bear no tell-tale signs of lost virginity. The concept of virginity has an emotional connotation. If a young woman has had a sexual relationship with her partner, and she feels that she has lost her virginity, then she has, regardless of what actually happened to her hymen during the encounter.

There are ancillary issues that each woman must answer for herself. This self-guided tour is very useful in helping you to find your hymen, if remnants remain. My question.. Is this possible after all those years? Hi guys.. Tell me exactly…:. And in my culture you have to bleed on your wedding night. So , I am very concerned.

However, your ex husband could do that job well lol. Hymen can break during cycling, workout, fingering, dildo or other tense activities. He or she can surgically remove your hymen. I know because mine was surgically removed. I know because mine was surgically removed by my Gynecologist.

You might have an infection. Hello read your article and thot l cld ask. Recently met with a guy who fingered and gave me no the first time nor the second and afterwards l felt slightly above moderate pain for days. Now my current boyfriend told me l no longer hv the hymen layer. He also gave me oral sex and expicitly mentioned that l had a hymen the very same nyt which is why l am worried I did track in high xul and it never affected me so um puzzled my hymen wld be thin.

What advice do you have for me please? Just No. You can not have sex in your urethra. You can not insert a penis into a urethra. There are many reasons for painful sex and should be discussed with a doctor. You havent done enouh research. The urethra is penetratable, and if you want to see proof just look it up male or female there ar videos of both.

Citation before representation Bobbi. It is uncomfortable to get a catheter. If your penis is small then that, you are the one who should I doctor. What happens to those halves…do they just hang out there?! Pls help me. Both of us have no sex experience before. What can i do. The hymen is not a barrier, it is tissue body part near the vaginal entry.

The fact is that bleeding upon first intercourse is not an indication of virginity. It is common knowledge that a hymen is not proof of virginity or lack of virginity.

Why are these guys allowed to to have this power over their wife or girlfriend when they can offer no proof of their own virginity. I am so angry about this.

It is not right…it is not Gods will. How can these men question any thing when they can master bate.. I want the women in these relationships to get the hell out of there and learn about the modern world before committing to a man who has final say and the right to harm you.

Is that love? Ladies you have been brainwashed. Please get away…far far away from any community.. Some women are born without a hymen. Without a hymen there would be no bleed even if the woman is a virgin. Sometimes the hymen does not bleed, instead it stretches to accomodate. If it stretches and is well lubricated it will not bleed during the first sexual intercourse experience. Sir remember the vowles you guys made under jesus name.

The hymen is not always smooth but tends to be perforated and that the perforations may get bigger and cause the hymen to break once a girl menstruates;.

The hymen may be very small or very elastic so that no breakage occurs at all some women even become pregnant while their hymens are still intact ;. Given these facts, it is extremely sad that women all over the world are still expected to bleed on their wedding nights as proof that they are virgins and that they often pay severe consequences if they happen not to bleed, possibly being shamed and humiliated, instantly divorced or even killed.

There is zero truth in this. The hymen is a membrane that tends to cover part of the vaginal opening it does not always block or cover the entire vagina, as some people mistakenly think. The hymen also differs from woman to woman — like all women have different heights and weights and features, all women also have different amounts and types of hymen.

Some women have thick hymens, some have very thin hymens, and some women have no hymens at all. Some women have larger hymens, some women naturally have a very little amount of hymen that covers only a small portion of their vaginal opening and hence does not really get in the way, during first-time sex.

In addition to this, the hymen wears away on its own as you grow up. If a woman has a small or thin hymen, she might not bleed the first time she has sex. Women who do bleed include:. Because the hymen wears away on its own with time, a year old has a higher chance of bleeding than a year old.

However, even a young girl can be physically active, have a thin or small hymen, or have no hymen at all, meaning she might not bleed during first-time sex. The bottom line is that there is no way to assess female virginity.

Bleeding does not have anything to do with virginity — it has to do with the kind of hymen a girl has, and hymens differ from girl to girl from birth. Why is this so important to be aware of? Educating people that a girl does not necessarily have to bleed the first time she has sex — because not all girls have thick hymens, and some are born with no hymen at all — is important because it can literally save lives.

S: We understand that not everyone is able to share material like this, even if they want to. However, the only way we can educate people regarding this issue is if it goes into the newsfeeds of as many people as possible, if as many people as possible read it.

So please consider sharing. We need to make content like this visible to increase its reach, to educate people, to have impact. I hope u can start 2 change ur thinking lil bit. Ur a confident,happy,funny good guy,Y wud she ever cheat? Good luck m8…..??????? I never saw blood when I lost my virginity. The intercourse was not painful either until afterwards. I have a very important question and none of the website answered me. Last year I had sex BUT, we sexed just with the head of the penis, not completely.

Please help me. A few years ago, I was excercising vigirously when I came to take a shower I noticed an aweful lot of blood. My question is, could this mean that my hymen has broke? How could you judge a virgin by her bleeding? Its not mandatory for a girl to bleed. My health teacher never told us about discharge or diva cups, only preached of the breaking of our hymens, but never on the varying sizes they come in.

The emphasis on virginity seems to be the only significant concept regarding the vagina in this society, when really there is no clear definition or even a clear way to classify a girl as a virgin. Virginity is indeed, not real, and I hope that fact can relieve a lot of stress for women who deem themselves impure.

I know! My question is.. But Im not athletic and nor I do any work out.

Torn virgin

Torn virgin