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Ah, the teenaged years. Who can resist the allure of nostalgia for the days when wild hormonal fluctuations ruled every decision; when laughable, superficial beliefs could define personhood; when it felt like no one understood you despite the fact that you tried desperately to fit in and not say the wrong thing, for fear of mass reprisal that could end life as you knew it? Yes, those were heady times, far different from the life you now lead. Fortunately, Netflix has made it easy for you to reminisce about the halcyon days of youth without ever leaving your couch. These are the best teen TV shows on Netflix.

Most popular teen television shows

Most popular teen television shows

Stranger Things Season Two is full of the same kinds of joyful moments of television that made its breakout first season so fun. The clothes are iconic. Prime Video Most popular teen television shows or Buy 9. The combo makes for some potent concoctions, ones that manage to pulse with an electrifying rhythm, even Most popular teen television shows many of Roundview's students played in early episodes by the big-name likes of young Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel, and Daniel Kaluuya are mired in populag mind-numbing ennui between childhood and adulthood. The End of the F—ing World. As resources on the ship become scarce and oxygen levels enter critical condition, the leadership decides to send juvenile prisoners to Earth to see if Vintage clothing fashion designer land is inhabitable.

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The show follows freshman college student Jack Morton while he navigates a world full of frightful creatures and hot-tempered bullies in his quest to join Belgrave University's secret society, unearthing dark powers and even darker family secrets Most popular teen television shows the way. Accompanied by the narration of an older Kevin Arnold, viewers were brought back to the many firsts of his adolescence, from his first real Female escorts new york to his eventual heartbreak. Stars: K. Who's in it: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer What it's about: A British intelligence agent and killer-for-hire play an eroticized game of cat-and-mouse across Europe. Robia Rashid's ambitious family dramedy centers on an autistic year-old named Sam It Follows pouplar Keir Gilchrist who's seeking a girlfriend and independence. Helping to parse through those feelings are the mother and tren duo, one shoows licensed sex and relationships therapist Gillian Anderson's Jean Milburn and the other a gifted savant Asa Butterfield's Otis Milburn who can coach his peers through their issues even though he himself has bedroom problems. It has a lot of drama and really good plots. Lots of werewolves. Brian Yorkey's adaptation follows Clay Dylan Minnettea Liberty High student who receives seven cassettes defogging his crush's mysterious rationale for suicide, Most popular teen television shows by a second season that uses a series of Polaroids to expose the school's secrets. This Starz series, now in its second season, is one of Most popular teen television shows best examples on TV today of how to tell a culturally specific story. Inevitably, things go wrong: Warring factions emerge, hearts get broken, and, as is required by TV law, beloved characters are killed. Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars.

Do you ever find yourself walking through the mall, looking at all the teenagers around you, and thinking, "I was never that cool"?

  • The best teen drama series capture at least one aspect of the high school experience enough to keep both adults and teenagers riveted.
  • With fall in full swing, TV networks and a seemingly endless number of streaming services are set to pump high- and low-quality content straight into our eyeballs.
  • You might also enjoy best teen romance movies streaming on Netflix.

Do you ever find yourself walking through the mall, looking at all the teenagers around you, and thinking, "I was never that cool"? Teens nowadays exude coolness. Whether it's the clothing they wear, the music they're listening too, or the things they're talking about, teens today seriously know what's in. And if you're wondering what TV shows teens love these days, it's probably because you also to want to know what's in, which is very understandable.

Whether a teen-loved series is on Netflix and able to be marathoned all at once or airs on primetime TV, there are a good number of shows out there that adolescents are obsessed with. It's no wonder so many teens participate in fandoms and stanning of the many 'ships that come out of these shows.

So even if you're long out of your teen years, if you're looking for something new to watch, check out the TV series on the list below. Riverdale is a pretty big deal with teens, as well as many people out of that age group.

The show follows a band of adolescents living in a small town filled with sex, murder, and many mysteries. A supernatural drama, Stranger Things has young people at the helm, fighting to find their lost friend. It's a super intriguing show, and with Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown giving amazing performances, it's a must-watch for any sci-fi fan.

The teens in On My Block feels real and relatable, especially if you went to an inner-city high school. The characters go through a lot of pain throughout the course of the first season, and it's all so compelling that finishing the episodes is a breeze. One Day At a Time follows a single mom raising her two kids one a pre-teen at the start of the show, the other an adolescent in a house with her own mother.

The show features a big, loud, Cuban family and will delight everyone who watches. Grab those tissues, though; every episode is tearjerker. They have to learn how to navigate the troubles in their life while also harnessing their new powers for good.

There's romance, great performances, and captivating drama. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has all of Twitter buzzing with excitement. The show follows Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch, half-mortal, who is about to turn 16 and has to choose a path of dark or light.

It's fraught with horror delights and a spooky setting. A hilarious mockumentary, American Vandal Season 1 follows a student who is accused of spray-painting genitals all over his high school's parking lot. He has a history of drawing these Another Marvel TV show about teens, this one focuses on the group's newfound superpowers after a mysterious event happens with their parents.

Runaways is set in LA and the cast is diverse, funny, and so talented. Plus Season 2 is right around the corner , so you can marathon thes episodes just in time. With only one season under its belt but a second on its way , the teen drama is set at an elite private school in Spain. When three scholarship students show up, everything is turned upside down and a death hangs over the audiences' heads.

You don't know who is slain at first, or even why, but it's an amazing mystery that'll entertain you all the way through. A reboot of the s show by the same name, Dynasty is a soap opera with a modern flare.

It centers around a young heiress who's used to getting her way and living the high life, with the promise that she'll inherit everything one day.

But thanks to her dad's sudden new wife, that might all change, and Fallon is not happy, to say the least. It's overly dramatic, extremely glamorous, and a good, fun watch. The show has suffered much criticism, but it's still found significant success and might be worth the watch if you're curious.

If you're a fan of Black-ish, then you probably already know who Zoey Johnson is. Well, now she's on her own in the wild land of college, trying her best to navigate freshman year. The show dives into many common problems new students have, and shows it all from the perspective of those students. Starting back in , this show earned criticism for being way too graphic in showing teen partying, drugs, and sex. However, it was still vastly popular and made the actors household names.

It also touches on a lot of important subjects, like mental illness, substance abuse, death, and dysfunctional families. Skins is definitely worth a watch, and since there are a ton of seasons, it's great if you're looking for something to deep-dive into.

So whether you're looking for a new favorite show, or really just want to know what those teens are up to, hopefully these give you some good ideas.

It is loosely based on the film of the same name, and stars Tyler Posey as a teenager named Scott, who is bitten So why am I including it here? Martin involved. Buffy Summers embodied everything any year-old heroine should be: fearless, curious, and strong-willed. Vote and rerank below to channel your inner teenager and let the world know! Even its worst again, by far season is a miracle.

Most popular teen television shows

Most popular teen television shows. New teen TV series in 2019


13 TV Shows That Teens Think Are Cool Right Now, From 'Sabrina' To 'Elite'

Because life as a teenager is equal parts happy and sad, hilarious and tragic, we chose not to limit the below selections by genre, which means these picks range from animation to sitcoms to murder mysteries to horror. The adorable Peyton Elizabeth Lee plays the title character Andi Mack, a girl who learns that the person she thought was her older sister is actually her mother and that her mother is actually her grandmother.

Fortunately, the series exhibits a deft hand at being able to handle these issues sensitively and beautifully without ever losing its sense of humor. There may be hope for the future yet. Well, you catch our drift. Equipped with a sugar-filled ability to never stop speaking at breakneck speeds and see the pop-culture absurdity in any situation, Lorelai ushered her daughter into the world off the page. The series was so beloved, it inspired a four-part limited series sequel on Netflix.

This short-lived ABC comedy remains memorable for its distinct quirks. While it technically began as a father-daughter story about life in the suburbs, the show quickly built out its unique perspective on the world of the affluent and accordingly strange. For three seasons, the sweet Amazon series looked at that moment of transition as an opportunity; a defining point in time where boys and girls in school became men and women of the world.

Unfortunately, it was canceled after one brief season. Funny, sweet, and touching, this was the rare series that never lost its footing even early on. The young Chris Tyler James Williams is a runt who winds up switching to a predominantly white school in order to receive a better education.

But even as Chris copes with growing up, his parents Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold also struggle with how to provide for their kids. Plus, Blair Leighton Meester was all-around dynamite, and her forbidden romance with Chuck Ed Westwick lit those early episodes on fire. XOXO forever. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

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Most popular teen television shows