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Betta fish are an excellent option for a home or office aquarium. To feed a betta fish, start by going to a pet store and getting specially made betta pellets. Try to get some brine shrimp, worms, or insects, too, since betta fish like variety! Then feed your fish 5 or 6 days a week, leaving a day or two for fasting. Learn why people trust wikiHow.

Betta care feeding

Also, how often should I clean out his bowl? If you end up with a younger betta fish the feeding is still the same, twice per day. Feeving post is very informative, and I Adult upload be showing it to all of my betta-loving friends. People are often confused about how often to feed a Betta Fish, and how much. If so, then you may be interested to know about lots of tank mates that can live with them. Additional feedings Betta care feeding be necessary depending on the activity level and personality of your betta. They may carry diseases. Bettas are quite the species of fish to look after in your fish tank. I am going to get another and feed just 3 pellets twice a day.

I wanna go crazy. How often do you feed a betta fish?

Contrary to popular belief, placing girls together, called sororities, are not at all Betta care feeding and in fact very dangerous and stressful for the fish involved. Rinse thoroughly and repeatedly until the substrate is good and clean before carefully spreading it across the bottom of your aquarium. Make sure that you use filtered water and keep removing uneaten food until the fish decides to eat. They aren't cheap Betta care feeding, but they don't live for up to 10 years, it's Betta care feeding. Some bettas are too aggressive to live with other inhabitants, but they can play nice with certain tank mates that are non-aggressive and do not possess any bright colors or long fins. There are over 70 different species of betta fish, with the betta splenden being for sale in pet stores. As your betta consumes food, digests it, and eventually gets rid of it poop! My grandson's birthday is coming up and he asked me to get him a betta. MT Mat T. Our fish was very inactive, due to general dislike of the current generated by the filter. They will actually learn What if i was pregnant and even simple games. This is what betta fish need to be healthy. Feeding your Betta with commercial carnivorous pellets is enough for a good diet. A Betta fish should always be fed a diet that is high in protein. As is the case in much of the animal kingdom, males tend to be flashier in color and ornamentation than females.

Bettas can be downright picky eaters too and tend to prefer eating food on the surface of the water instead of on the substrate of a tank.

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When it comes to keeping fish in an aquarium, feeding will always part of the routine, making sure that your fish get the nutrients they need to thrive. Some people are just feeding their fish any random brand and type of fish food; this should not be the case, as different types of fish will have different nutritional requirements.

In this case, we are going to look at Betta fish. There is good news about this type of fish, which is that it can feed on a variety of different types of food. You still have to know which types those are, how often to feed it, and what not to feed it. Feeding the betta fish is crucial, but you have to control the amount.

You would not want a lot of your fish food going to waste. Make sure to only feed it the amount of food it can finish within 2 minutes. Do not be surprised to see that is all the time the betta fish will spend eating. The remaining food in the aquarium will simply go to waste—it will now settle to the bottom of your aquarium and end up rotting there. You can imagine the amount of pollution this could cause in the aquarium water.

Also, the dirty water caused by the remaining food could easily make the fish sick. If you see such a behavior, it means your fish is getting fat.

Yes, do not be surprised to see the fish actually get fatter with time. Check around the belly area to see if it has a bulge. If there is a bulge present, then your fish is definitely overweight. For such a fish, simply feed it twice per day.

If you end up with a younger betta fish the feeding is still the same, twice per day. The fish is also just like humans—skipping a meal once in a while not bad. Whenever you skip giving the fish its food, it can help by giving its digestive system a break. Think about how the fish only eats for two minutes and that is it—this shows how small its digestive system is. A break from feeding also helps the fish to get rid of the toxins from its body before the next meal comes in.

You can feed it only once one day, or skip a day and then get back to the routine. The other name for betta fish is Siamese Fighting Fish. The reason is that this fish will attack other types of fish in the aquarium if it sees them as a threat.

With such carnivorous behavior, it is easy to conclude that this fish likes to feed on protein. Although they can be expensive, this food type comes with a lot of energy for the fish.

Using live food — the live food in this case could be the bloodworms. You can feed them directly to the fish so that it can enjoy some new proteins. Just make sure that you give the fish the right amount. If you want to try this type of food, feed them a few times and watch their reaction first; some reports have shown that the betta fish do not always like the fish flakes. One thing to note is that these pellets are quite large, so they would sink faster and not be suitable for smaller fish.

From statistics, it appears that betta fish often love to eat this type of food. You should always think carefully about the type of food you will feed a betta fish or any other type of fish. For the betta fish, it is notable that the fish flakes are not its favorite food, so taking the time to choose other food types is a good idea. Research various options for fish food before you settle on one. Some might not always offer the best nutrients. Food with a lot of filler content is not worth giving to your fish.

Thanks for emphasizing the importance of not putting too much fish food in the tank at a time. We have all heard of people overfeeding their dogs and cats, and the worst thing that happens is that the pets get a little chubby, but putting too much fish food in the tank is a lot worse. It can really harm the fish. Thank you!! Thank you for all the information. It was great. I appreciate your help because I love my beta thank you.

Thanks for the info I just got one today and the store said feed them 3 pellets every other day, is that a correct statement. I had the store tell me that, but I swear ours was starving!

He started literally jumping out of bowl for first pellet I dropped in. Went back to same store, and another person said every other day as much as they could consume in 20 minutes scooping out any left after this time.

Also for smallet fish give then 4 pellets at meals but when u see or can tell the are getting bigger after about 3 months start giving them 5 because there body has grown If u see no change u do not have to up the number of pellets. They are not vegetarian. Feed a high quality pellet made especially for bettas such as National Geographic Betta Pellets. I was just looking up the correct amount of times and pellets I should be feeding my betta.

Still very active. My fish, Valentino my handsome Betta???? I feed Valentino a small pinch of about x5pellets each morning. Which he consumes all of them and carries on, seeming satiated. He waits for me each morning in the same location to be fed. This should be an indication of how much to feed the betta. Feeding it different kinds of food throughout the week is best I think. The one I just bought was kept in a small jar about half the size of that!

The fish are kept for months on end in deplorable conditions. The betta is a very hardy fish and can survive in these conditions, but please, never do this to your betta.

Just my two bits. Now I need to go get a bigger tank for my betta. Bettas were put on a small containers so that they could grow faster because of the tiny space the beta only focuses to grow. Also some times in the pets stores you can see that the water is color brown its not old water but water with an Indian almond leaves which is good at killing bacteria.

Their mouths are upturned, meaning they eat from the surface. You should feed them twice a day in small amounts. They do not have very large stomachs so over feeding is easy to accidentally do. I had never seen a betta fish eat off the bottom of the tank until we bought one for our classroom at work. He stays at the bottom of the tank with his head in the rocks. I believe they mean in separate tanks, do not keep any betta together in one tank, no matter how large.

Hear is what I feed my betta: Monday : 3 pellets twice a day Tuesday : 2 frozen blood worms twice a day Wednesday : 2 pellets twice a day Thursday : same as Monday Friday : same as Tuesday Saturday : same as Monday Sunday : nothing. This helped slot now I know what not to feed my fish King my beautiful handsome King thx???????? So… pellets per feeding, with two feedings per day?

Does this sound right?? If you just got a Betta 2 days ago how are you changing the tank water already twice a week? Do partial changes a week after the fish has time to acclimate. People are so irresponsible.

But even 1 time per day for 2 minutes is over feeding IMO. So to recommend 3x per day for 2 minutes is basically animal abuse by over feeding. I kept a Betta for 4 years on a 1x per day schedule feeding pellets at a time.

He enjoyed a 5 gallon planted tank to himself and was very active. I usually fed him 2 pellets in the morning and 2 pellets in the evening with the occasional freeze dried bloodworm. Great fish who slept in the top corner of his tank closest to my bed each nite. Enjoy your bettas! Great fish and beautiful to watch swimming and hiding around their tanks. I have had two betas before and have just adopted my precious little Francis. He is a pearl colored male and I am keeping him in a normal sized fishbowl feeding him pellets a day, twice a day.

Is there any tips I should now about keeping him healthy? I just inherited my neighbors Betta Fish, she passed away and her landlord was going to flush him, so I said I would take it, which I did. I bought the pellets, and he loves them!!! Do I feed once a day, twice a day, or every other day??? Do you stay with one food, or give a variety throughout the week?? And are freeze dried ok or should it be fresh food??? I have no idea who is giving the best advice???

I really appreciate ANY help you can give me!!!! All these sites and comments are really confusing.

They were reduced, and I felt sorry for them in those little containers. Updated: October 21, Those are for eating cereal out of! They do not belong in cups or bowls. Vacuum up uneaten food and waste.

Betta care feeding

Betta care feeding

Betta care feeding

Betta care feeding

Betta care feeding. What do betta fish eat?


How often Should You Feed a Betta Fish? - Aquarium Adviser

People are often confused about how often to feed a Betta Fish, and how much. And with Betta Fish as well as humans its actually good to skip a meal once in awhile, it gives the digestive system a break and allows for getting rid of any built up toxins. This means its actually good for Betta Fish and humans to skip a day of eating once in awhile.

Many people pick a day like Sunday to have their fish fast for the day. Feed your Betta only what it can eat in about 2 minutes. This is very important! This creates a very unhealthy environment, meaning your Betta will get ill unless you clean the tank and get out all of the rotting food, plus change the water.

Betta fish are carnivores. They will attack, bite, and eat other fish they see as a threat. What this means is they prefer to eat some sort of protein. Here are the types of Betta Food that you should vary in their diet — ordered by easiest to find. A note on feeding live food to your Betta: worms especially carry a bunch of bacteria and parasites, and are messy to deal with. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Betta care feeding